5,000 Modular Homes Coming to Haiti

The Baptist Standard reports that a group called Help Build Hope Haiti is working to bring 5,000 homes to the nation still recovering from last year’s earthquake. The story indicates Help Build Hope Haiti organizers want to build 5,000 permanent homes and equip 5,000 Haitians to rebuild their country. The group has plans to build a village on 5,000 acres at Mayotte, southwest of Port au Prince. Homes will be constructed from modular structural insulated panels with expanded polystyrene foam sandwiched between sheets of fiber-cement-based board. Ric Drudi, director of the building initiative, told the paper these are substantial homes, not emergency shelters. Averaging 456 square feet, the homes are built to the Miami-Dade County, FL, building standards, so they are designed to withstand sometimes-violent seasonal storms.

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