4,427 Manufactured Homes Shipped In July 2009, Down 36.8 Percent From July 2008


Arlington, VA, October 2, 2009—The Manufactured Housing Institute’s actual shipments report indicates that 4,427 new HUD-Code homes were shipped in July 2009, down 36.8 percent from July 2008. Shipments of single-section homes were down 35.9 percent, year over year, while shipments of multi-section homes were down 37.3 percent.

The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of shipments was 60,200 in July, up a considerable 23.4 percent from the rate of 48,800 posted in June. The SAAR corrects for normal seasonal variations in shipments and projects an annual shipments pace based on the current monthly total.

Year to date, shipments are down 43.6 percent. Single-section shipments are down 41.3 percent, while multi-section shipments are down 44.9 percent.

Year-over-year shipments were down in all nine Divisions. Shipments were down in the Mountain (-48 percent), East North Central (-41.7 percent), East South Central (-38.4 percent), West South Central (-37 percent), South Atlantic (-35.4 percent), West North Central (-35.2 percent), Pacific (-33.6 percent), Middle Atlantic (-19.6 percent) and New England (-18.9 percent) Divisions.

In July 2009, shipments were down in 37 states, up in 2 states and flat in 10 states, compared to July 2008. Shipments were up in Alaska (1000 percent) and Kansas (70.4 percent). Shipments were flat in Rhode Island, Vermont, Iowa, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Maine and South Dakota. Shipments were down in Utah (-73.2 percent), Michigan (-63.5 percent), New Hampshire

(-60.6 percent), Colorado (-60 percent), Arizona (-59.5 percent), Missouri (-57.7 percent), Maryland (-56.3 percent), Florida (-53.9 percent), Minnesota (-53.6 percent), Indiana (-52.2 percent), Mississippi (-50.5 percent), Nevada (-48.6 percent), Oklahoma (-48.2 percent), Alabama (-47.8 percent), Wisconsin (-47.5 percent), North Dakota (-44.4 percent), California (-42.2 percent), Louisiana (-41 percent), Wyoming (-39.5 percent), Arkansas (-38.5 percent), South Carolina (-37.1 percent), Idaho (-36.1 percent), Virginia (-33.5 percent), Washington (-33.1 percent), North Carolina (-33.1 percent), Tennessee (-32.2 percent), Texas (-29.7 percent), Ohio (-28.4 percent), New Mexico (-26.2 percent), Illinois (-25.6 percent), Pennsylvania (-24.7 percent), Oregon (-22.7 percent), Georgia (-22 percent), Kentucky (-18.8 percent), Montana (-16.7 percent), New York (-14.9 percent) and West Virginia (-12.4 percent).

Total floors shipped in July were 7,425, down 36.8 percent from July 2008. The number of reporting plants for July was 156, unchanged from June 2009. The number of corporations was 59, unchanged from June. More details will be forthcoming in MHI’s Monthly Economic Report for July.

For Questions on Statistics & Data: Thayer Long, tlong@mfghome.org

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