3D Printing Houses – A Threat to U.S. Manufactured Housing Industry?

3d_printer__house__bbc_co__contour_crafting__credit-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-In a follow up to a Daily Business News  story posted Saturday, this video below explores how 3D printing of houses posses a direct challenge to prefabricated construction.

One of the possible outcomes, says Black Rock Productions, is the potential for a loss of jobs in the construction field.

What Black Rock doesn’t ask, is how will this impact modular or manufactured housing?

Says Black Rock, “A new 3D printer announced by scientists at the University of New South Wales is capable of printing a house in under 20 hours. Is this the beginning of a new construction revolution.

The 3D printing of houses begs the question: what do factory built housing industry professionals want to see as their future role in the wider housing marketplace? Do MH professionals want good jobs for good people?  Shouldn’t quality homes built to strict federal standards under the MHIA of 2000 allow for placement in a wider array of locations?

The Daily Business News  could have picked any manufacturer’s video for the example above, and opted to pick an independent producer’s video done by our friends at ManufacturedHomes.com to make the point of hard working people building quality homes. Manufactured housing is filled with countless good people with great stories to tell.

But a growing numer of industry leaders say that manufactured housing must find ways to work more effectively together – to promote what MH does effectively. Failing that, we may witness a sea change imposed on MH from regulatory and/or market forces. What are your prepared to do? ##

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