1962 Plywood Mod Lives

MercerIslandPatch notes the innovative modular house the U.S. Plywood Association assembled for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the “American Home of the Immediate Future”, is currently occupied by its third owner on Mercer Island, a suburb of Seattle. Some of the original bright paint is intact. Unlike the many futuristic displays at the exposition, the series of modules that comprised this three bedroom, two bath home were bolted together as a practical model to appeal to baby boomers looking for inexpensive housing. Consumers could have the house custom built to their specifications. The heating, cooling, plumbing, and wiring were all imbedded in the floor for easy connection to the next module, thus simplifying the infrastructure. The house sat on a concrete foundation, much like today’s factory-built homes.

(Photo credit: MercerIslandPatch)


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