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Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., King David and Donald Trump

I’ve worked with, and known thousands of Democrats, including people I’ve been close to for many years. The same could be said of Republicans, or Libertarians, etc. I’m neither, we’re independents.

We respect the right of people to affiliate and vote as their hopefully well-informed conscience dictates.

It may seem odd to place these four American and one Jewish leader in the same headline. They’re quite different, but there are a few similarities that we can learn from.

Everyone has good and bad qualities. One blast from the past is his “Silent Majority” phrase.


History tells us that President Richard M. Nixon’s crime wasn’t the Watergate break-in. His mistake in that sad affair was the post-incident coverup. There certainly was plenty to question in President Nixon’s foreign and domestic policies.

But the proximate cause for bringing Nixon down was a cover-up.

Image credit, Heritage.


Ronald Reagan was an actor-turned-politician. He was pro-abortion before he become pro-life. He became a conservative and evangelical Christian icon, yet he was divorced and remarried.

He’s revered for addressing economic and foreign policy woes, plus bringing down the Iron Curtain.

But his administration was also embroiled in the Iran-Contra scheme. Compared to the nation he inherited from POTUS Jimmy Carter, he arguably left America and the world much better off.  The economy and jobs grew.  The world enjoyed a period of less global tension.


Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a ‘man of the cloth,’ a professional preacher. He was investigated by the FBI for allegedly getting support from Moscow (yes, another Russian conspiracy story). King was accused – among other things – of being a philanderer, a womanizer.

Yet he reportedly loved his wife and family. King was no Democrat, he was a Republican. A social justice warrior, he used peaceful organizing when some of his peers wanted to use violence.


King David

Israel has many heroic figures, past and present. David is one revered by billions over the ages who’ve learned parts of his story, and were influenced by his words, life and deeds.

Like Dr. King, David was accused of philandering. Like Nixon, he attempted a cover-up. The Scriptures say he took another man’s wife, fathered a child by her, arranged to have Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle to hide the truth.

Yet, David is revered…not for human weaknesses and immoral acts, but rather for the good that he did.

Mike Pence, left, President Donald Trump, right. Original photo credit, PBS. Collage credit, MHProNews.com.

President of the United States (POTUS), Donald J. Trump

Before diving into our current Commander in Chief, let’s review.

Not one of the figures above was perfect. Each did some things that were tragic. While one can argue the finer points:

  • Nixon was known for opening up China to the U.S. (note – I thought for decades and still now believe that was a huge mistake, but millions think it was his finest accomplishment).
  • Reagan took the nation out of economic doldrums, and is one of the figures lauded for winning the Cold War against the then Soviet Union (Russia, plus – under Communism).
  • Dr. King helped millions of ‘people of color’ gain an increased measure of respect and enhanced equality. He benefited primarily blacks, but others also benefited. Indeed, arguably the nation as a whole was furthered by his work. Nevertheless, King had his human weaknesses, missteps and frailties.
  • David is a heroic figure who illicitly fathered another legend. Out of evil, God can do good. One ought not do evil, but God’s wisdom and wonder includes the ability to bring triumph out of personal tragedy.

Now, we turn to Donald Trump as president.

Be you a supporter, detractor or in between, he’s a human, with great skills and weaknesses too.  We’ve seen in the examples above that you don’t have to be perfect to accomplish

Credit, The Conservative Tree House.

Mr. Trump’s informed opponents – most of POTUS Trump’s detractors are ill advised followers – know what’s really going. Make no mistake, it has never been about Russia or anything other than fear that Trump will succeed in his stated agenda.

  • It’s fear of the president successfully creating millions of good, higher paying jobs.
  • It’s fear that he will drain the swamp and crony capitalism.
  • It’s fear that he will seek to stop Islamic radicals from harming our nation (not an easy one, this and other points are another subject for another time)
  • It’s fear that POTUS Trump will take on and break up some monopolies.

It’s fear he will modify NAFTA, reduce trade imbalances, make America great on the world stage again, modify taxes and regulation, fox ObamaCare and all of the things that caused tens of millions to vote for him, or to vote against his opponents.

  • We don’t have to like every tweet.
  • We don’t have to adopt his every word or deed.

But God-willing – and he’s kept safe from harm – the president may succeed, and do what he’s promised.

Credit, National Views.

If POTUS Trump does so, he’ll indeed be inspiring America to become a much greater, richer, and fairer nation than before he took office.

That’s what the Democratic power brokers and leaders fear.  It’s what some elitist Republicans fear too.

Everything else is smoke and mirrors being blown, because even his enemies are having to admit, there’s no evidence of wrongdoing.

Credit, College Humor.

Those lies, half-truths, and distortions are misguided efforts to unseat (or worse) a duly elected President.  Let people disagree on policy, but it’s unAmerican what much of his opposition is doing.

Image credit, CNN Money.

It’s POTUS informed attackers who are being vile.

Tens of millions on either side of the sad divide…they’re being used like pieces on a chess board.  Who  may win or lose dependes on the failure or success of the president, his team and if enough Americans keep up their support.

No one would accuse President Donald Trump of being a bland color. Image credit, Frugal Entrepreneur.

We pray daily as a family for the President, our nation, and the world’s honest success. ##

(Image credits are as shown.)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach caricature.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


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