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MHVille’s Magnificent May Movement, 2017

It’s America. There are lots of possible paths to achieving a goal.

Whether you’re in business, an investor, or a paid professional, readers here tend to be those who’ve achieved a certain level of success.

Readers and viewers here are typically pros seeking insights, information, or are seeking something more.

Image by MHProNews.com

Stating the Obvious Often Clarifies Issues

Fear of loss can be as strong a motivator as the desire to gain.

While most will play it safe, leaders are the ones who see a possible path, and then set out to make that vision a reality.

Leaders gather the necessary talent, time and resources to achieve their goal.

What’s Wrong is That We Don’t Ask What’s Right

Chesterton’s pithy quote reminds us all that personally, politically, and professionally – asking what’s right yields useful insights.

Image by MHProNews.com

The problems the Manufactured Home industry faces are opportunities in disguise. Understanding the challenges and tackling them properly are how progress occurs.

Some don’t want to hear what they might take to be bad news. Image Credit WikiCommons, Dilbert.

Head-in-the-sand or sweeping issues under the rug are how progress is slowed, and dirt piles up.

We know from working with select operations that they can grow rapidly, sustainably, and profitably by applying sound, ethical principles.

Every person and company are unique. What’s needed at Operation X, is not what Operation Y or Z needs.

The free and healthy marketplace corrects and should instruct.

Interference in the market by the heavy, and typically unfair hand of government – often moved by special interests – will distort the market, routinely harming many.

Media can also influence – and thus help-or-harm – the free market.  More on that in the second video, below.

The Vision for MH Visionaries

The vision that launched MHProNews and later MHLivingNews were simple yet potential packed.  These platforms have been making a difference for years, see this MH leader’s thoughts about Louisville as one of many possible examples.

Working collaboratively with forward thinkers/doers – together – we could further influence far more positive outcomes in specific locales by engaging public officials, mainstream media, professionals, investors, and the public at large – as trade media.

Through news, genuine interviews, and commentary – profitable opportunities emerge.

Does it work?

You saw the Louisville link above. Now see what others said who didn’t jump to conclusions.

These are among the goal-and-solution oriented pros who listened, tried, refined, and who’ve benefited.

They’re not alone.

Don’t jump to conclusions – see for yourself what others say in the videos shown.

Jumping at the Wrong Things

Daily, the most common leaping I see involves people jumping to a conclusion.


Note, people may jump to the wrong conclusion. We’ve all done it.  Haven’t we all seen successful pros jump to the wrong conclusion – or did so ourselves – at times?

We also recall the teenage word game in English class, that when you diagram the word “assume” you make an ass/u/me.

DontAssumeMakesAssoutOfUandMePostedMastheadBlogMHProNewsLeaders stop assuming. They stop making an ass/u/me.

By working with professionals like yourself, we have built the most popular and robust B2B and B2C platforms of their kind in manufactured housing.

Here’s where best practices are presented, problematic ones are examined, and profitable perspectives and solutions emerge.

Together, we can do MUCH more, but it requires more of the mutual support of forward-thinking professionals.

When you work with us, when you use our services – alongside or instead of another – you will see…

Better Bottom-Line Results

As noted at the top, in America, there are a variety of ways to do things. People talk about all sorts of fancy things, but it could be boiled down to effective, good story telling.

The right Communications support, benefit and advance the understanding of the industry you are engaged in or investigating.

Given the spreading affordable housing crisis,  it is simply a fact that there are tens of billions a year more possible for manufactured housing. That means millions more in market(s) like yours are achievable for the forward-thinking, goal and solution oriented professional doer.

U.S. Housing is a trillion dollar a year industry. So proven approaches are worth millions to a location – and collectively – tens of billions (plus) to our industry. Let’s think clearly! With the affordable housing crisis raging, are we to believe that Manufactured Housing can’t hit 25% or more of mainstream new construction sales?

If you are with us already, consider doing more – to grow more.

If you are looking to grow, and aren’t yet with us, email or call to see what makes for mutual victories.

[su_box title=”Services” style=”soft” title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″] Video | Marketing/Ads/Web | Sales Coach/Training | Royal Content Creation | Recruit | Consult | PR [/su_box]

If you’re a proud MHPro, but your budgets honestly say that you’re a near penniless pauper, chin up and get your peers reading 15 minutes daily in both MHLivingNews.com and here on MHProNews.com.

15 Minutes a Day on MHProNews and MHLivingNews.com – free resources for the Public and Professionals – that boosts understanding, industry image, education, and thus growth.

Then give a shout-out when your budget heals.

This post will be updated with the featured articles for Magnificent May. But they’re already live on our home page, just take a scroll and you’ll see them, along with other new features.

Then, scroll all the way to the end of our new MHProNews home page to see everything that’s already in place. The cyber dust is clearing up in our website makeover.

April’s record traffic could well foreshadow a record June.

More updates, new opportunities and features are coming.

When is the best time to grow? To effect a positive change?

Welcome to the digital frontier — to where the past meets the future of our great industry.


Be you a Merchant or a Crusader, welcome. ##

Check Back Sunday Night for the Links to all of the Featured Articles for Magnificent May.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when sourced from third parties, are provided under fair use guidelines.)


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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford.



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