March Madness, Manufactured Housing Associations and You

March Madness

Have you seen our burgeoning Calendar of Events? ?  There are Industry Shows galore in March and April as state and national associations across the country sponsor Home Shows and Expos with Trade and Public Days.  In 2010, it would have seemed madness to think that some Shows, cancelled because of the economy, would return only a year later.  March will launch the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show and Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)’s Winter Meeting and Legislative Conference, in Washington, DC. plus annual Association meetings and other events in at least four states (Maine, North Dakota, New York and California). Other state Association meetings and events occur in Maine, North Dakota, New York and California as well.  April will feature the 2011 Great Southwest Home Show in Tulsa, OK; HOMExpo 2011 in York, PA, and the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)’s 2011 National Congress & Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

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Suzanne Felber, LifeStylist® has been reporting on the various Shows, and continues with a Feature Article this month on how to apply what you learn at a Show to your own retail center or community.

This month is also the celebration of March Madness, the NCAA Tournament held at courts and sports arenas all over the country. Fans think nothing of traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to Be There and share the excitement and triumphs of their teams playing for the NCAA crystal trophy. Those who haven’t the time or means can watch wall-to-wall basketball from noon to midnight from their own TVs or phone apps. If thousands of fans can do this to support and enjoy their team, can we not do the same for our manufactured homes?

Hmmm, basketball fans… manufactured housing fans…

To Associate, or Not to Associate, that is the Question… Or is it?

Doesn’t that divide the manufactured housing world of associations into the simplistic ‘black and white’ world of yesteryear, when the 21st-century world has gone from shades of gray to limitless hues of multi-spectrum color?

Maybe the real question is how to associate? Or why join an association? These pages, especially The Masthead Blog and Industry Voices Blog, are customarily filled with answers to why and reasons for encouraging association membership.  In this issue, we are doing something a bit different, presenting multiple perspectives on associations for your consideration.  Are associations headstrong or member driven? Why join… or why not to? We have drawn two feature articles from the respective material of George F. Allen and Ken Rishel, who bring out both the pluses and minuses of association membership.  In addition, Michael Barnabas, Amy Bliss, Don Westphal and new voices Paul Bradley and Deanna Fields speak for association membership and address some of the concerns that Allen and Rishel have raised.

So it comes back to the fundamental question, how to associate. But the underlying principle that unifies all these perspectives is: YOU – we – (the members) are the ones to make the difference.  This isn’t about being for or against. It is about being FOR the good of the Industry. In these particularly difficult times, how can we afford not to be members of one or more associations? We’re association members. How about you?

Lumaxart Graphic by Scott Maxwell

L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach’s Feature Article is a call to recognize our need for others, and that the clasp of a helping hand up can mean all the difference in the world. This theme was preceded by his recent contribution to the Inspiration Blog, “Working Together – A Teamwork Puzzle.” He wrote, “If any piece gets minimized or isolated, the rest lose balance and suffer. If the integrity of the circle – if associations or trade media – suffers, all will pay the price. Each party – each piece of the puzzle – needs the others.”

Hmmmm, basketball teams and fans… manufactured housing associations, organizations and fans…

Let’s hear how the basketball greats put it:

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.” ~ Hall of Fame Player Kareem Adbul-Jabbar

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” ~ Legendary basketball coach John Wooden

“Basketball doesn’t build character. It reveals it.” ~ Unknown

“Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.” ~ Acclaimed player Michael Jordan

And what is our MHIndustry Trophy? How about classy, quality, affordable homes for millions of Americans. HUD Code homes. Modular homes. Pre-fab and panelized homes. All factory built with pride and precision right here in the U.S.A.

Now the greats of the manufactured housing Industry get on the court to share their experience, insights, wisdom, creativity and challenges to help YOU “win the game,” make your sales rise, and succeed and prosper in your MH business. This month we welcome new contributors Paul Bradley, Deanna Fields and Tracy Saville. So here are “All the Best:” Top-Talent professionals from A for Allen to Z for Ziglar! Let’s get started with your big new line up…

Featured Articles and Reports
for Vol. 2, No. 6, 2011

George F. Allen – Manufactured Housing Commentary
What MHAssociations LACK

Michael Barnabas – Manufactured Housing Industry Solutions
To Be, or Not to Be: Die, Survive or Thrive & Manufactured Housing

Amy Bliss – Value of Association Membership
Associations and the Value Proposition

Paul Bradley – Value of Association Membership
Association Membership: A Member’s Perspective

Paul Bradley – Resident-owned Communities
Defying conventional wisdom, and winning to write about it!

Chad Carr – Internet Marketing and Sales
By the Numbers – Part 1

Tim Connor – Management
Mixed Top-Down Messages

Tim Connor – Sales
Getting to the Decision Makers

Suzanne Felber – Practical Application of Industry Shows
Bringing It Home: Using What We Learn at Shows in Our Own Sales Centers

Deanna Fields – Value of Association Membership
Why Belong to an Association?

Nadeen Green – Legal, Fair Housing
Eeeewww, That Smells…

Edward ‘Eddie’ Hicks – Manufactured Housing Financing
Who says there are no more profitable investments in land lease communities?

Chrissy Jackson – Land Lease Community Management
Guidelines for Living: Will the Guidelines Be Accepted?

Susan Knowles – Manufactured Housing Community Service Options
Make the Most of an Existing Asset

L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – Manufactured Housing Industry Perspective
Rodin, Art and Advancing Manufactured Housing

Greg McClanahan – Soft Skills and Personal Development
An Amazing Person

George Porter – Manufactured Housing Retail and Media Education
How Level Is Level?

Kenneth Rishel – Value of Association Membership
Are Industry Associations Worthy of Active Support?

Kenneth Rishel – Manufactured Housing Industry Finance Commentary
The Importance of a Written Loan Policy

Tracy Saville – Leader Strategy in the New Economy
The New Economy Workforce Challenge

Joanne Stevens – Manufactured Housing Real Estate
Top Ten Signs that You Have Stopped Thinking of Your Manufactured Home Community as an Investment

Bob Stovall – Manufactured Housing Community Resources
What’s Around Your Community? People Want to Know

Don Westphal – Value of Association Membership
Participation in State and National Organizations: Manufactured Housing Associations by the Number

Don Westphal – Manufactured Housing Community Planning
Community Upgrades: Part IV: Level Four Renewal

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration
ZigOn…Integrity Leadership

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration


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