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Manufactured Housing Industry on Threat Issue – From, About – MHI, MHI Members and Supporters

The feedback cited and published below were deliberately limited to those from MHI members, meeting attendees and their supporters.

That should make this information more relevant to association members, MHI senior staff, and the association’s elected leaders.  

The messages shown came in, sometimes just minutes after they received their copy of the issues highlighted in the last emailed news update, linked here.

Screen capture of email dated 4.20.2017, click the graphic above or this link here to see the article that the MHI senior staff and executive committee where asked to condemn. To see the that complete newsletter, click here.

Here below was the message sent to each of the MHI Executive Committee members, a nearly identical one also was sent to senior MHI staff.  

Screen capture of emailed message to MHI senior staff, and all four of the MHI Executive Committee members. The meat of the text is found in italics below, for ease-of-reading.

“Addressing you in your role as an MHI Executive Committee member, please review the article linked below, highlighted in yellow with red text.  Kindly email me for our accuracy in quoting, your replies to the questions below.

1)   Do you think that the allegedly illegal act of misuse of the U.S. Postal Service, extortion and intimidation – one that names MHI, and claims to be acting to defend MHI – ought to be condemned by MHI? 

2) Should any illegal behavior be tolerated by the industry?  Should MHI have a policy towards allegations of illegal behavior in the industry?

3)   If one or more ties to MHI and/or officials at HUD are determined to exist, will you condemn that and seek appropriate remedies for that?

Again, your on-the-record reply for accuracy on the item linked below is appreciated. 

FYI – interested industry parties are bcc’d in this message.

Thank you…”

Taking Note

As noted in the message, a handful of industry members with MHI were BCC’d in each, some of their replies came only to me, others were ‘reply all,’ which means that the executive committee member(s) so responded to saw that person’s response.

To see the article, click the image above or click here.

Early Industry Feedback from those BCC’d, etc.

Keep up the heat Tony!”

Wow. Crazy!! We live in crazy times. Keep up the good work!!” (This is an example of a reply from a bcc that included the executive committee member who was addressed).

The people in charge do what they want to do regardless of effect on the industry.”

Good lord! Never a dull moment at MHProNews, huh?

This kind of garbage happens every day in the world.  Some individuals will stoop to the lowest levels without blinking an eye.”

Looked this over.  Not that any of it is necessarily wrong, but it is highly inflammatory.”

These individuals are worthless; even if they have dirt on others.”

Messages Included Comments, Information and Insights – Example

A link to a mainstream media article about manufactured home communities was sent, which notes that MHC are producing returns about 10% higher than apartments, along with the some pithy points. That writer’s potent statement/observation is this – that artificially low volume reduces the value of communities – and applies beyond communities to factories, retail centers, suppliers, and others.

That comment begs the question: are some associated with MHI using their position(s) of influence to deliberately hold the industry’s advancements back, precisely to keep potential acquisition opportunities up, and purchase prices down? Independent businesses of all sizes, are you catching the gist of that, and how it impacts YOU and YOUR business?

Some Had Questions, A Common Example

I’m not sure I understand what happened. Someone sent you a package of potentially embarrassing material, and threatened to go public with it if you didn’t stop publishing negative stuff about MHI. But it wasn’t about you or anyone affiliated with your company? So who was it about and why would it be an inducement to back down?

 So now, you are reaching out to MHI to condemn such tactics, and you have reason to believe that parties at MHI and/or HUD are in some way connected with the sending of this envelope?”

My reply to the above is shown in italics as follows:

“Good question,
The cover was addressed to me, as team leader of MHProNews.

The contents actually had nothing to do with MHProNews – per se.  It was about third parties to our organization.  The apparent/alleged goal is to cause our ‘feelings’ (so to speak) for another(s) to keep us from doing more exposes of MHI.

We advised the third party, so they could prepare.  Then, we published what you see.

Whoever is behind it, what makes this sinister, is they could do this to ANYONE.  Got something you’d not want revealed on someone’s website?  Don’t we all?

…As you may have guessed by now, I don’t take kindly to threats.”

Copy of the envelope mailed anonymously to MHProNews, included written threats sent by U.S. Mail, which may violate federal laws. If you’ve not yet read the Daily Business News report, click here.

Individual Answers to All Not Possible

Due to volume and time demands, my apologies, but we simply can’t answer all messages. We do read them, and try to cover topics periodically on the Masthead that in fact answers common – or even unique – inquiries from readers.

It should be noted that some readers, perhaps inspired by what they are seeing, are sharing their own experiences and/or documents.  This in turn may result in further reports on issues those reader-responses have raised.

Regarding Questions About Law Enforcement on the Alleged Threat/RICO issue

Frankly, your Masthead writer needs more feedback from legal minds about what we’ve heard so far, what should and should not be said, so I’ll keep my comments for now limited to this.

Based upon the questions/implications from law enforcement to this point, my impression is the feds have software that lets them scour the web for possible links to such alleged crimes as is represented by the package and its contents.

Wrap up for Today

As of this posting, no response from any MHI senior staff, nor yet from an executive committee member. We will keep investors, the industry, public officials and other who monitor this website and the Masthead appraised as circumstances warrant. ##

(Images above are screen captures of articles or emails related to MHProNews, where third party images are used, the sources are cited and are provided under fair use guidelines.)

Photo taken during New York Housing Association meeting, while L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach was questioning regulators.


Masthead columns by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – as with any op-ed or analysis – should not be construed as representing the views of MHProNews sponsors.  Also note that legally, allegations are just that, until proven in a court of law.)


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