Let the Deal Making Begin!

Perhaps you are a manufactured home (MH) retailer, and you want to compare the latest homes, loans, products and services available in your market.

Maybe you are an MHCommunity operator, and you are tired of chasing aging used homes and those repos that still need thousands in updates, and then have no warranty when you sell an ever-older used home.

Or you could be a builder/developer who thinks that the future is in factory building, since giants like Warren Buffett and Sam Zell invested billions into this manufactured and modular home sectors.

Whatever brings you, what happens at trade shows like the giant 2014 Tunica Manufactured Home Show is unlike any plant show you can go to, because here you see your builders' homes side by side with competitors homes! You see your favorite supplier and their competitor. You compare, and you make deals that make you money.

Here is where the politics slows to conversation and the focus goes to selling the homes, loans, products and services that make you money!

But what do other industry pros say?

Let's start by sharing the words of Ross Kinzler, from the Wisconsin Housing Alliance.

credit-linkedin-ross-kinzler-wha-manufactured-housing-posted-cutting-edge-blog-mhpronews-com-_jp (1)

Then, lets layer in the following quote from Andy Gallagher, WVHI.a-v-gallagher-executive-director(1)

"This year’s event was a dynamic performance with a pantheon of excellent speakers, covering topics critical to the industry; anexpanded floor show with the latest models on display; and a handsome group of service and supply representatives on hand with their banter, wit and stockpile of knowledge."

Then think about these thoughts from an MHC operations manager, Ted Gross:

Fort Worth, Texas this September 16-18 manufactured home sale

continental-communities-logo"Tony, Just wanted to leave a quick note about the educational seminar you spoke at regarding “Modern Marketing.” I brought a few community managers along for your presentation…it was a real eye opener for them and me…I will certainly bring more of my community managers along if you will be speaking again at the 2015… Home Show." See the rest of Ted's comments, in full context, linked here.

Are you beginning to see a pattern developing here?

If not, let's try another quote on why going to a trade show or educational event is a great idea for your business! This from a fellow who admits he missed a few years of going to a show:

james-cook-mhc-manager-ma-posted-industry-voices-mhpronews_com-75x75pxl-"…I was wrong! It was not only interesting it was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening. At this time, our industry is undergoing tremendous tumult and change. Change does not have to mean impending disaster. Sometimes it takes rubbing elbows with our industry’s leaders – those on the front line – to better understand the opportunities that exist, the places where we need soldiers in the gaps (Washington DC,) and how to not just survive but thrive in the coming decades.

I probably received more education at Louisville in two days than I did in my first six months in my current position."

See more from Community Operations Manager James Cook at this link here.

tamas-kovach-right-handing-chet-kearny-business-card-soheyla-kovach-c-mhpronews-com-latonykovach-com-mhc-md-com-2014-louisville-show-booth- (1)

This third party photo and message is near and dear to us. Some of you at Tunica last year or Louisville this year saw this first hand; and yes, this IS an educational and inspiring example!

The photo and comments are courtesy of Gina Beasley, Tennessee Regional Manager and Ast. VP of Sales for UMH Properties.

Gina wrote in part: “Wow Tony, gotta to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your son, he is absolutely adorable! Check out the picture of him handing out your business card to Chet Kearney, Chris Lindsey's assistant. So sweet and the fruit don't fall far from the tree!!!” See more, linked here.


We will be in the Harrah Convention Center's Seminar Room, where business building and Lender sharing information will be happening! Learn what are the latest and greatest financing programs for your homes and communities! Or you can find us at 11H, right outside of the seminar room, if I'm not roaming the show and shooting red-hot videos like those linked here.


The next 72 hours will be about doing business. That's why you are in business, to do more, sell more, grow more.

That's why we go to the shows, that why some 2100 +/- industry pros from coast to coast and virtually all parts of the manufactured housing profession are scheduled to attend. Will YOU be here? We hope so! Please stop in and say hi, and let's catch up on Sunday night. ##

(Editor's Note: For those who want a preview of Tony's "Dominate Your Local Market" presentation for Tunica, please click here.)

(Image credits: MHProNews)

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