What are the ways to reach your target market?

How you reach your target market depends in part on who that market is. It may sound like heresy coming from a marketer at first, but some target markets would not be worth advertising to using most venues. For example, if the market targeted are too small or are highly specialized – then instead of online or print advertising – mail, phone and an in person visits could be the best and most cost effective ways to connect and get business.

For some, an annual trade show circuit may be the best. It all depends on your target market.

Business to business (B2B) prospects are targeted – and the content may be crafted – quite

differently that business to consumer (B2C).

For example, traditional printed yellow pages books would be okay if you are a doctor, attorney or plumber. For factory built housing, not so much! Traditional yellow pages are usually wasted cash beyond a simple, free listing in those yellow pages.

Websites are almost always a good tool, even if the targeted market is small.

Walden University Marketing Instructor,Lisa Tyler has cited a textbook and studies in discussions that showed that at least some 90% of all product research is being done online. The keys to making a website profitable include, but are not limited to:

> an appropriate layout, presentation and message;

> strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO);

> cost-effective ways to drive traffic to that site.

Are You Using Address Specific Websites?

One method we see under-used by many clients and companies we work with on

website marketing, layout and design was touched upon by a recent post in a LinkedIn

real estate group. If you are targeting the public at large, are you:

> using multiple websites?

> using cross traffic linkage where possible?

> do you have address specific sites, say in a development or manufactured home


Tony worked with a traditional real estate company that had literally dozens of websites. They had a full time staff that did nothing but photos and websites. This was in a very small market, not a big one, but there were other agencies all in that same area. Why did they do so much online? Why did they have address specific web pages? Because it helped them dominate their local market. There robust strategy online made that agency the #1 realtors in that market area.

As noted, individual property listing websites where part of that firm's strategy. Partially as a result of that experience, Tony and company have used multiple websites for many manufactured housing clients, and guess what happened? In most cases, the call-in, walk in and email traffic shot through the roof.

With an address specific website, if someone is looking for a home in say Tucumcari, NM, your one web-page may come up, due in part to having a specific address! You may get exposure that way you when you would not by normal or more costly means.

Such address websites can be a single page. Quick and easy to put up, relatively low cost,

far cheaper than most print ads or a mailing may be.

Before you start any marketing project,

  • think carefully about your target market;
  • brain storm with your team or colleagues
  • make a list of all the ways you can reach your target market.

Then, measure twice, cut once. Depending on your budget, think about the best ways to reach the targeted market.

If you need pros who know B2B or B2C in manufactured housing, before you spend a dime, please give us a call. ##

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