Video and The Challenge of Filling the Older Manufactured Home Community

There are many ways that a person can present the facts. We happen to advocate telling the truth, in the best possible light. What does that mean with video? How do you approach filling spaces in vacant MHCs, when there are an estimated 400,000 vacant manufactured home community sites from coast-to-coast?  If you retail homes from a less than perfect sales center, what do you do?

Reframing What Is

The challenge of the camera is that once it’s activated, it sees everything in its path. Is a light bulb burned out? Is the grass mowed? Is there a crack in the street? When the grass is mowed, did the grounds person blow all the grass off the cement, or did the guy or gal miss some?

So one must decide, what do you do with what you actually videoed?  Please see the video on the page linked below.


MH Manufacturers, lenders, retailers and community operators have to come to grips with both the opportunities and the challenges of today. A million new starts will happen this year, why only some 65,000 new HUD Code home sales?  Don’t say financing, that’s not holding back the stick-builders. Nor can you play bait-and-switch in the modern world today, and expect to end up with a good online reputation.

When you built fewer homes, there are also less used homes that are going to be available. Sooner or later, you have to figure out how to sell those new homes.  See Chart credit: Wisconsin Housing Alliance.

Here is another gee-the-truth-hurts newsflash. They don’t build used inventory. Let me tell you what the older community, or the retailer that wants to turn a new page, has to do. They have to reframe their image, yet do so in the light of reality. You have to learn how to attract and sell people that have better credit or can pay cash.  


The right message, the right marketing and sales plan and proper execution are all part of that process.

If you are within a day’s drive or a short flight of New York next month, consider attending our next public presentation on SuperCharge Sales and Marketing. Those who have did not walk away disappointed. Remember, ignorance costs, knowledge pays. Or two other favorites, what are your lost sales costing you? What are your vacant sites costing you? ##

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L A ‘Tony’ Kovach has become one of the most widely recognized experts in MH marketing, sales and publishing.  See him in NY in October.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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