Time, money and technology

SocialNomics videoDo you tend to have time or money, but not enough of either at once? It’s never been difficult to understand the time/money dilemma. Either you have lots of time and no money or lots of money and no time?

There’s any old cliché that gets kicked around that says, “Work smarter, not harder” and it is appropriate to this discussion.

A few months ago, in my very first article in this blog, I posted a video called “SocialNomics” that explained the current and coming importance of Social Networking in your day-to-day marketing plan.

But it isn’t JUST Social Networking that is a key to your future prosperity. Some tried and true methods from the good old days of the oughts (2000-2009) work just as well today. But as I review the online marketing strategies of both clients and their competition, I am surprised by how few businesses take advantage of all the opportunities provided by online marketing despite proof that using them will increase your bottom line over time more than any other method – and at lower cost.

Technology can free up time and generate revenue at the same timeIF it is properly implemented and used.

Let’s be blunt about this and state the obvious, but unvarnished truth – some of you are not going to survive the next few years. That’s right – some of you will be out of business by the end of this summer, and more of you by the end of the year.

At least then, you’ll have plenty of time.

Some of you will prosper over the coming months and years. You may not have a lot of free time, but you’ll have money and your business.

And some of you will have both more time and more money – a bigger business. Which of you? If you’re thinking that this is impossible to predict, you’re not in the last group – the ones with both time and money.

You see, the future of business in general, let alone in the manufactured housing industry, is in the hands of the few who use every practical method of increasing their business and who pay special attention to ROI – return on investment – the holy grail of marketing.

This week, MHMSM.com takes pride in rolling out our Solutions program, designed to put the talents of the best marketing and sales specialists in the industry at your fingertips.

So have a look at the MHMSM.com Solutions page, and let top pros serve your needs. You can have a better future. We are sure of it.

We want you to be around next year… and the year after that. Be there by working with The Solutions Pros. Save Time, Make Money. To enhance your ROI, put your time and money to work smarter. You’ll be glad you did.

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