Never shut down your own marketing effort

Don't disable the YouTube embed function in your videosThis is going to be a very short post with what I consider a rather important point. I’ve been a little busy the past few days, so I was searching for a video with some great information about the type of subject matter I write about.

My search turned up a series of three videos with a positive message on YouTube. So I figured one would be good for today and I could use the other two in future post.

I clicked the “embed” button to get the code, and was met with a message that said “Embed function disabled by owners request.” Hmmm. Let me see now… someone spends a bunch of money on a professional production touting their product and then doesn’t allow it to be shown to new viewers.

That strikes me as equivilant to a Hollywood studio producing a movie, but refusing to allow theaters to show it.

Video is a very powerful way to attract buyers. One house that I had built a web page for had 1,291 views in two months. 30% of those came from my YouTube video being embedded in other websites and blogs.

You want maximum exposure to any video you post anywhere on the Internet. Don’t get all territorial and disable the “embed” feature. Other folks showing your video are doing you a huge favor – let them do it.

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