The basic needs of all human life are food, clothing and shelter. In modern times, the need for transportation is often tossed into that mix. In marketing and selling, Needs are one of the Five Motivators. We will take a brief look below at how needs can be used by marketers and sales professionals in this column.


When we work with manufactured and modular housing clients in marketing and sales, part of what we teach is our proprietary method of a process first developed by corporate giant AT&T and others called the SPIN. SPIN is an acronym that stands for Situation Positioning Implications Needs/Benefit.

Once you identify a client's situation, probe to understand the implications of that situation and understand their needs, you are now in able to professionally POSITION your recommendations based on those variables.

The SPIN system is seller and client friendly, so it works.

We all 'need' shelter. It can be as basic as a cave, a tent or metal covering. Most of us want and need a home or more substantial roof over our heads. When wants and needs divide is another topic, but the fact that we offer one of the essentials of life with factory built housing ought to make every professional in our Industry properly proud and motivated to excel.

An ad, website, text, image or video of a home should include a focus on a need. When a message related to a need resonates, the odds of doing business rises sharply.

I've met sales professionals who essentially sold out of desperation. This is the wrong way to do business. First, desperation is often sensed and is a turn-off. The fact that you 'need' to close a deal puts no additional motivation on the prospect. It is the PROSPECT'S NEEDs that must be your focus!

Those needs must be placed in the context of a total vision, one that advocates something truly in the prospects interests. When you demonstrate in your marketing and sales that you understand their NEEDS, then you are going to connect more often.

Books have been written on related topics, so we can't cover it all in one sitting. Check out more of our columns on sales and marketing in our monthly featured articles. Marketing and sales professionals NEED routineInspiration, linked here. If you missed our Five Motivators column on Fear, find it here.

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