The Value of ABR


We were having lunch – a regional manager (RM) for a client company and I – and were discussing recruiting. They needed new sales people at more than one location. Yes, we could try to snag 'so and so' who is available. Yes, we could try to snag 'so and so' from that other firm. …

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Tim and I have been doing a periodic series on the 5 Motivators in marketing and sales. For those who have never learned these, they are Pride, Profit, Love, Need and Fear. If you missed Needs and Fear, please check those respective links above. Today, we will introduce the subject of Love as it relates to the …

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We Hate to Lose

I recently read an article about Behavioral Finance, which studies the decision making process in regards to financial decisions. The theory brought forward in the article is that individuals and businesses do not act rationally when making financial decisions, even when they are presented all the available information.   One of the case studies mentioned …

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Super Marketing

The Super Bowl is almost here! Seems these days, people are anticipating the commercials as much as the game. Some of the most memorable commercials of all time have appeared during the Super Bowl. I know I can remember a dozen or more, and I bet you can too. Here's something I found pretty astonishing. …

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