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Handling Detractors


Detractors, nay-sayers, back-stabbers and others who'd love to toss you under the bus. First, we all have them! It may be the former employee or colleague, who now wants to make you and/or your business look bad. It might be a competitor. It could be the customer no one could possibly please. It may be …

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Enhancing Confidence

How do you choose the companies you work with in your business? Generally, we think that price, service and selection are the determining factors, but studies show the most important factor is confidence. Confidence that the company is stable and able to provide what we need. And how do we determine confidence? The answer might …

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We Hate to Lose

I recently read an article about Behavioral Finance, which studies the decision making process in regards to financial decisions. The theory brought forward in the article is that individuals and businesses do not act rationally when making financial decisions, even when they are presented all the available information.   One of the case studies mentioned …

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Trade Show Marketing and You, Louisville and Beyond

You’re going to the trade show? Great! You’ve made a wise business decision. Whether exhibiting or attending, trade shows provide great opportunities for professionals, managers and business owners. Attendees can see the latest products and services, meet face-to-face with vendors and learn new strategies for running their business better. Exhibitors get to showcase their products …

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