SIB-KIS and Your Manufactured Housing Sales Operation

For some years, in approaching a project in marketing, sales, management or some combo thereof, I've used an approach that has served the companies well that this was put to work for: namely, SIB-KIS.

See it Big
Keep it Simple

The first is as important as the second.  Charlie "Tremendous" Jones and others taught me the value of an inspirational goal and vision.  For example, if you are selling/leasing 3 homes a month it is nice to move to 4 or 5.  That may seem like a big move ahead to some, and for many, it would be more than enough.  But if you want to get heavy hitter sales types juices flowing, then the goal is to do 3 a week, not 3, 4 or 5 a month.  See it Big.  Plan accordingly and work the plan.

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Keep it Simple – this one everyone knows, and at times, we all violate this rule.  We have a great product, we have great services and lifestyles to offer to the right people.  We need the right systems in place – ones that people can relate to easily.  We need systems that are customer (user) friendly.  We have to have a message and means that people (customers and team members) connect with, a natural 'gravitational' attraction.

Chances are, you already have many if not most of the elements in place that you need.  If your associates and you have good communications and trust, this can often be handled internally.  The truth is, we usually see each other's blind spots (marketing, sales, management, etc.).  It is we who do not see our own!  So if you can handle this among trusted associates, that can work well.

However, at times, the reality is that people just don't know what they don't know.  You go to an MD, attorney, electrician or other specialist because you don't know something, and you need the job done right. Even if you can do a job yourself, sometimes it is more cost-effective to hire it done.

These are times when outsourcing can make sense!  Why hire a full time person, when you can periodically outsource a function?  It can save you time and money, and done right in the marketing/sales/management arena, it can make you money too.

We will look at some marketing and sales systems in an upcoming column. # #

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