Marketers, You Need to Read The Gary Halbert Letters

Gary Halbert photoIf the title stumped you (who is this Gary Halbert guy?), you need to head on over to the Gary Halbert Letter website where his newsletters are archived and have a look.

Profane, irreverent, witty and highly effective as a sales letter copywriter, Gary Halbert was one of the legends of the marketing business. He died too young, but his writings live on.

There are about 100 of Gary’s newsletters which he produced at the rate of about one per month over several years.

Gary called himself the “King of Print” and devised some of the greatest direct marketing ads and sales letters of his time. Although he was a “print” guy, most of his ideas are translatable for online use and many a successful online marketer owes much of his success to Gary.

After Gary’s death, some friends created a website called the Gary Halbert Letter where they published most of Gary’s newsletters and placed some of their own work their as well.

Names you should recognize, such as Joe Polish, Perry Marshall, John Carlton, Scott Haines and Sam Markowitz.

If you’re in the business of marketing, online or off, you owe it to yourself to check out what Gary had to say. Gary might be gone, but his ideas are timeless.

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