Finally a Simple Home and Home Site Listing Solution for Retailers and Community Owners

WP-Property logoIf you’re a Manufactured Housing Retailer or Community Owner you know the frustration of putting together a website to properly present your homes or home sites online.

You want a solution that will allow your home to come up in Search Engine rankings for your area and you know the power of WordPress to accomplish this goal.

WP-Property sample listings page
Property listings page in WP-Property. Multiple listing would appear as a list
like the listings index page at

But presenting your homes in a way that makes sense requires the use of a WordPress plugin. Up until now, that meant sifting through the dozens of available plugins that leave much to be desired or cobbling together a home-made solution from bits and pieces of plugins and custom code. That can be expensive and time-consuming – and probably creates a “less than perfect” outcome.

Because of past experience with real estate type plugins – and real estate listing software – I’m a bit wary of these sort of things.

Nevertheless, I decided to give the WordPress WP-Property plugin a try. It required a small amount of customization using the plugin’s admin area to get it to do exactly what I wanted – display a home for sale.

Once it was setup and I added my first property, I was hooked. Here at last was a solution that could accomplish what up until now was next to impossible – adding a home or home site listing to a WordPress-powered website easily without spending a ton of cash. In fact, the WP-Property plugin is free.

With the economy starting to show signs of life and manufactured home sales starting to pick up, now is the ideal time to stake out your turf in your local market. And WordPress and WP-Property can help you do it effectively and economically.

To see WP-Property in action, have a look at the Sample Property Listing at Or see a real live site in action at Orange Cat Productions can get you set up with a WordPress-powered website with WP-Property installed and configured for less than you think. Orange Cat offers complete Web Consulting and Training services on-site or online.

Here is a reduced-sized view of a Property Details page in WP-Property
WP-Property details page

Orange Cat Productions is offering a limited time offer on a WordPress-powered solution with WP-Property installed and configured PLUS 1 year of free web hosting at $200 off the regular price. This offer is only good for readers of this blog and will end in just a few days. Lock in your $200 discount by calling Bob at 859-544-9005 or use the contact form at

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