Month: January 2013

Turn Mistakes into Fans


We all make mistakes. Unexpected stuff happens. But when it does happen, what do you – as a professional, manager or owner – do? Because a well handled problem is an opportunity in disguise. Let me share a pair of examples that both revolved around the Louisville Show. I contacted the Crown Plaza about using …

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Price Cutting? Not!


Since my early days in Manufactured Home (MH) sales, first at retail centers and later with in MH Communities, the issue of price cutting has been a perennially hot topic for MH professionals. Many are willing to close a deal by cutting the price. My personal take is; not! Let's see why offering a price …

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Go To Meeting

I was chatting with a man who had called from West of the Rockies. He was interested in marketing and sales training for his retailing manufactured home communities. With my being based not far from Chicagoland, he asked a natural and common question. "How are you going to do this cost-effectively?" My reply was that …

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It Pays!

There are arguably only a limited number of reasons to advertise. At or near the top ought to be that it pays! Sound marketing yields healthy ROI. Poor or no marketing costs you money. There are many reasons why people – notably during challenging economic times – think they should stop or cut back on …

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