What Defines You and Your Future

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Over the years I have observed many people and their reactions and responses to many of life's curves, roadblocks and successes. I include myself in these observations with the goal of trying to determine who I am, who I have been and who I am becoming. Sometimes it's a wonderful story that unfolds with each new day and other times it's a sad and frustrating picture. What makes the difference in our lives and how we evaluate those defining moments and their impact on us?

A better question could be why or why do we not do the inner work that is necessary for a happy, productive and worthwhile life?

No one escapes adversity in life in their relationships, health, career or finances. Life is a journey from where we have come from to where we are going and that journey is riddled with disappointment, frustration and discouragement as well as success, achievement and wonderful memories.

So again I ask you, which of the aspects of life as they unfold for you each new day – how will they define your life outlook, attitudes, behavior and outcomes?

Each of us makes numerous decisions each day that have a direct and indirect impact on how the journey for each of us unfolds. When these decisions are made with a mindset ruled by fear and uncertainty, stress and discouragement and unrealized expectations and disappointment – we will surely create a future with more of the same. When we can find the opportunity that always lies hidden within all of life's negative circumstances, we will have the ability to create a better future where we learn to let our lives be filled with peace, joy and happiness.

The key is in knowing how we chose what will define us. This definition is always grounded in one simple philosophy and that is – when our time is up here and it's time to move on to another life plane – what will have been our proudest moments and our best decisions, our regrets of words spoken or left unsaid or our actions taken or avoided for some reason. This requires the ability to leave here with few regrets knowing that we did our best every day to create a life worth living regardless of the chaos, life trauma or dramas that filled our moments, days or even years.

It takes courage to learn to live a fulfilling life in the face of trials and adversity. It takes resolve to live through life's uncertainty believing in a better tomorrow and it takes faith and hope to know that what we are going through is just – a segment of the longer life journey and that in the end, how it all turned out was more a matter of our attitudes, philosophy and beliefs than what was actually happening each day.

What will define you as the years pass and your life comes to its conclusion?

So ask yourself a simple question – regardless of your current circumstances – will you let what you are going through now define you or can you see the bigger picture of your life?

I have developed 6 new custom in-house employee development programs – effective 2012. If you have an interest in conducting one of these for your employees – I am offering special discounts for these programs for new and repeat clients. If you have an interest – contact me and we can discuss the details and my availability. Here are the new topics;

Overcoming Life's Challenges and Difficult Times.

This program focuses on the causes and cures when fear, uncertainty, doubt and insecurity fill the mindsets of individuals that prevent creativity, effectiveness and motivation.

Developing a Custom Sales System that increases sales success.

This program addresses the need for an effective, proven and custom sales system and how to create, develop and implement it to ensure that your lost sales ratio remains low. It also improves margins and market share.

Personal Organization – the vital skill for sustained sales success.

This program focuses on the skills, traits, behaviors and attitudes necessary for peak performance throughpersonal organization and personal power. It covers A-Z everything you need to do to achieve total effectiveness and increased sustained sales results.

Don't Tell me – Show me – creating employee accountability.

This program is about creating integrity and congruence between people's words and actions. The single biggest challenge in ever organization is avoiding mis-communication, assumptions and mis-understanding that contribute to redundancy, poor morale and a lack of individual accountability.

Strategic Thinking – Blending market reality with corporate goals.

This program teaches employees how to take an effective strategic approach to their roles, responsibilities, decisions and problem solving. It guides them as they continue to improve their personal effectiveness.

Beating the Competition without using price as your strategy.

This program focuses on strategies, approaches and techniques to keep current business out of the hands of competitors and how to take business away from them in an ethical and professional way..

In a rapidly changing world it is essential that all employees regardless of their roles, responsibilities, position, challenges, skills or experience utilize the latest techniques for; improving sales results, maintaining management effectiveness, improving customer satisfaction, increasing new customer acquisition, improving customer loyalty and maintaining positive, motivated and creative employee attitudes and behaviors.

These programs blend the latest ideas, approaches and techniques that ensure that all participants understand, embrace and integrate the best approaches into their daily functions. Our custom programs are tailored to the client's culture, business model, objectives, opportunities, challenges and vision and mission.

Make it a tremendous year, In His service, Tim


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