Imagination – what’s possible for you?

Have you ever considered what great things you could accomplish in your life or who you could become beyond what you are today – if you had more time, resources, talent, creativity or opportunity?

Let me explain – everything that exists today existed in someone's imagination before it became reality. Let me repeat – nothing would exist today if it didn't first fill a person's imagination.

So what does this concept of imagination mean to you and for the quality of your life and future success and happiness? And what exactly is – imagination?

You can't see it, touch it or prove its existence. Everyone has it but some people use more of it in a positive way while others let it die within them. It is responsible for all of your creativity, success and peace and happiness or it keeps you stuck in what can't be, will never be or you don't deserve. It is the most powerful tool humans have to change their reality from what it is to what it could be.

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It is limitless and has no rules, boundaries or restrictions. It can create whatever you want in your mind. I did not say it can turn poverty into wealth, discouragement into optimism or failure into success – in and of itself but it can accomplish your dreams, desires and wishes if you will nurture it, listen to it and then believe that you are capable of accomplishing what messages it sends you.

I never believed that Soft Sell, my first book would ever become the world's best selling sales book in 23 languages and with sales over one million copies on the day I started writing it. But as the words began to flow early in 1980 – long hand – I didn't have a computer or even a typewriter – (if you remember what those are) but before I finished the first chapter, I did let my imagination, with its prodding and hard mental work on my part finally take over and let it create the book in its entirety.

I say this, because at the time, I didn't have a clue about the tremendous future potential of this book as I had never written anything for public use and I was not all that talented when it came to writing skills, grammar even spelling in general, but I do know that I didn't write the book – I wasn't that smart, talented or experienced. The book wrote itself or should I say – my imagination took over – all I did was put the words on the page.

Imagination when allowed to grow, flourish and be all that it is capable of, can literally work miracles in your life. The problem is that most people don't trust it, believe they are able to fulfill its promises or willing to do the work necessary for its manifistation.

Let me repeat – your imagination is limitless. The other problem is that most people fail to realize a simple truth – that what can be lies in potential in your mind but if you are letting current circumstances and perceived self-limitations deny you the belief that anything is possible then it will work against you and not for you.

Is it fear? A lack of self-belief? Or the rules, rituals and mental conditioning that people have received over the years since their birth that keep people stuck? Yes.

Is it the need to conform, fit in, play by the rules and not be considered a bit – out there – that keeps people stuck? Yes. I'm not saying that rule breakers always win and I'm certainly not suggesting that breaking the rules when other's are hurt in some way is right. What I am saying is that when we allow our conditioning to determine the quality of our life we will almost always live with frustration, disappointment and mediocrity.

Think about it – what you have accomplished in life whether; a new recipe, a beautiful garden or the success of a new business enterprise – these were the results of your imagination at work. So you know you have it, have used it at times during your life and it has contributed to your success and or happiness. So the real question is – why not stretch it, expand it, grow it, nurture it and yes believe in it and guess what – you might be surprised at what you could accomplish that at one time in your life you would have felt was utterly impossible and beyond your capabilities.

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Let your imagination run free amd make it a great week and a tremendous year,

In His service, Tim

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