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It goes without saying. We are all different. We may share much in common, but it is differences that set us apart.  Learn to use what makes you different in a positive way.  Learn the lesson Timothy Q. Mouse shared with Dumbo to make him embrace those huge ears in the Disney movie classic.

“The very things that held ya down are going to carry ya up, and up and up!”

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All too often, we've all seen those who gave up too easily. Maybe we have done so ourselves. These two Vince Lombardi quotes reminds us to set high goals, and to then have the determination to go for the grand prize of success.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win." 

Vince Lombardi

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."

Vince Lombardi 

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“What Every Man Owes…”

What Every Man Owes…”

Every Man owes some of his time to the upbuilding of the profession to which he belongs.”

– Theodore Roosevelt.


One of the sure ways to increase sales is to get back to the basics. If you have not read the article…I suggest you do so right now…

Now that you have read this it's time to go to work and make it happen. Reading the article alone isn't enough. Making a commitment to do the things suggested is the only way we will increase sales. Don't say, “It can't be done.” this young man has proven it can be done…”

This nails it. Make sales, not excuses. This took place during a previous, steep down market. We have more tools today, more resources for marketing, smarter ways to make things happen.

Read the article, then make it happen for you and your team. Do what Teddy Roosevelt said. Invest the time in the upbuilding of your profession!

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Increasing Sales in a Down Market

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Lessons from Bags of candy for Manufactured Housing

The following is based on a true story.  The study this account describes was done back in the days of overcrowded classrooms.  It describes elementary school age youth, and I was a kid myself when I heard this report. That means it was done “a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”. Here is the story followed by it’s life lesson for manufactured housing professionals.

A classroom of some forty children was given a bag full of candy.  They couldn’t open the candy up until the teacher and the study leader gave them the okay.  With great anticipation, back in the day when a bag full of candy was not so common  and thus quite a treat, the children awaited their instructions.

‘Class, we are going to make each of you a deal.  You have sitting on your desk a bag full of candy.  You can have that candy today if you wish.  Or, if you agree to skip the candy today, and wait until tomorrow at this same time, we will give you two bags full of candy instead of the one sitting in front of you.’ The students were asked if they understood the instructions and the offer.  One bag today, right now, or a second bag full if they waited until tomorrow.

What did they do?

Two of the forty some children went for the one day delay to get the second bag of candy.  Two out of forty, or roughly 5% of the class.  The others went for less, happy to accept what was in front of them rather than get double the result.  Now to a child, tomorrow may seem like a long time off.  But how often do we adults do similarly?

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.

~ Thomas Merton

A professional friend of mine reminded me this past weekend about a Ross Perot vintage bit of wisdom.  It went something like this, ‘Too many corporations are thinking ten minutes to ten days ahead, instead of planning ten years ahead.’

Back in 1998 manufactured housing sales reached over 372,000 shipments nationally.  In some parts of the country, manufactured housing sales reached 1/3 of all new housing starts.  Things had never been better in decades for the Industry.  Too many businesses took the ten minutes to ten days ahead approach.  Too many failed to look ahead at the consequences of ‘burning a lender’ in one form or another, too many lenders (knowing what was going on) turned a blind eye to common sense, and too many customers were given less than stellar treatment.  We could have owned the future of housing then.  But instead of planning ten years ahead and doubling the manufactured housing business again, too many took the bag of candy sitting in front of them…

Are you ready to double your business?  Get involved in the various calls to action by MHI and MHARR reported on the Industry Voices Guest Blog.  Invest in yourself, your firm’s image, marketing and people daily.  Do what is right today, and every day.  Don’t give yourself an excuse, or wait for someone else to do it for you.  Then you’ll end up having two bags of candy on your desk tomorrow. # #

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