Mike Moore

The Greatest Sales Skill

The greatest sales skill we all possess, but use too seldom, is the ability to care about people.

Watching people shop for cars and electronics yesterday and today as they walking around showrooms with their own tablets or smartphone comparing features, services and prices…How are you embracing technology and engaging buyers.

Selling isn't a sport. It's not about competing. It is the performance art of serving people! You have to choose to care about others to be a peak performer.

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Mike Moore

Moore Thoughts

To live a significant life, live with a purpose that makes people more important than things.

Living with expectations…Investing. Giving from excess…Sharing. True giving comes from our supply, without expectation.

Top performers see order and opportunity in chaos and it energizes them.

If you are pursuing excellence, you can't get lazy when things get crazy

I would rather trust people and occasionally be disappointed, than live life as a cynic, full of suspicion and insecurity.

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Mike Moore

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