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How to Sell more Manufactured Homes



Our industry has advertised for 'get me done' customers for too long, so it is no surprise we often attract the 575 credit score buyer.  Did you know there are more propects with good credit than bad? Learning to market and sell to customers with cash or good credit pays off.

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Winning the War

The happy soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but rather because he loves what is behind him. We fight the good fight for manufactured housing not because we hate other forms of housing, but rather because we love all that manufactured homes is, does and represents for the benefit of millions.

This is not war in the sense of crushing an enemy, but rather an engagement in winning the hearts and minds who now fail to understand the value and benefits we offer millions. It is a conflict waged with the intellect and emotions of those who are darkened at present to what we truly represent.

To win, we must have the right intention. We can not succeed without genuine satisfaction for our customers! When we gain that satisfaction, we have to a degree already won, as have they who benefited.

Consumers. Businesses. Associations. Working together, we are better. ##

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