Habit Forming

First you form your habits, then your habits form you. This maxim is a powerful truism. It cuts to the heart of why forward looking manufactured housing businesses and associations are or should be focused on developing the best habits, perceptions and beliefs of their team members.

In working with many companies in ownership, consulting, leadership or outreach roles, I've seen over the years numerous examples of people in our Industry – working in organizations like yours – that did not fully believe in our product. The doubting team person or their supervisor may not have realized how their perception impacted their work.

But it does.

One's perceptions always impacts what we say, and what we do. So perceptions influence our habits. Habits form the person. The person's habits forms their activity. Those activities produce – or not – the desired results.

Why does one company in a market do better than another?

Why does one person in a company do better than another?

Arguably, the better the perceptions and the better the habits, the better the performance. It really is as simple as that.

This is why identifying and forming the right perceptions and the right habits – the right activities done the proper way – creates better results for some than others.

So as owners, leaders and managers, if you want success, you want to develop and implement positive perceptions and proven systems which are habit forming. By forming the right habits, then you form the right results. ##


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