It’s Christmas and another word for Christmas is Love. . .

It is a time for- giving not receiving,

sharing not hoarding, letting go not holding on,

believing not doubting, feeling not thinking,

forgiving not grieving, and it is a time for loving,


To those who are close and those who are separated by miles,

to those who are near to you and those who might be

separated by some negative emotions from the past,

to those who are similar and those who are separated by

differences, those whom we love and even those who we can’t

find it in our hearts for some reason to love.


My best wishes go out to each of you – that you can experience

the love of your family and friends this holiday season.


And that regardless of your circumstances whether your life is

filled with prosperity or lack, – you may be able enjoy the

abundance of life that you have been given and the

love of God.


May God bless you all – your loved ones, your friends,

your co-workers and your life in 2022.

Tim Connor