2021 Summary and Ideas as You Move Into 2022

A few things to consider as a summary of my 12 months of ideas as you move into 2022.

-You get the behavior you reward . . . I don’t care if it’s employees, children, the government, or customers – if you don’t like the behavior(s) you are getting stop looking at the behavior and take a serious look at the contributors to it – because you are either tolerating the behavior or you are contributing to it, and as long as you do either, it will continue!

-You are responsible to people not for them . . . You are responsible to your employees, customers, kids, and spouses, etc. but you are not responsible for their behaviors; decisions, actions, mistakes, successes, achievements, etc.

-If you don’t invest in the consistent improvement of yourself or your employee’s; skills, attitudes, and/or behaviors – don’t expect anything to change for the better in the future. It’s a common quote

– “doing the same things and expecting different results is a mild form of insanity.” I’ll leave it there.

-If you don’t like life’s outcomes take a serious look at your actions . . . Everything in life has a consequence – some are short-term and others can take years, some are negative and some are positive. In the end, however, if you want different outcomes sooner or later you are going to have to reevaluate the contributing actions, choices, and/or decisions.

-You were not put on this earth for the approval of others . . . This one is simple – as long as you are in “approval of others mode” you will never become or accomplish who you could have been or do what you could have achieved.

-You will not accomplish 100% of the goals you don’t set. Goals are not about achievement, but the life direction they create. So, without them, you may tend to get lost from time to time. Having spent time lost in life in the past I can tell you it’s not worth it. Create a clear direction this year and break it down into manageable steps, actions, and accountability.

-Don’t let other people or circumstances determine your beliefs, behavior, values, or attitudes. When you turn any of these over to others or your environment you lose control of; yourself, your life, its\ outcomes, your potential, and even your purpose or mission. This is a high price to pay.

Yes, I can give you many other ideas to consider, but most people’s attention span today doesn’t go beyond 300 words – so here is my last one – on second thought – I’ll let you figure this one out on your own . . .

Image Credit-pixabay