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Do Not Blame Anybody for Your Mistakes Or Failures

“Do not blame anybody for your mistakes or failures.” Baruch. I have written an entire book on
“Failure” so let me see if I can summarize it in 75 words or less. Failure and mistakes are necessary to
grow, improve, change, succeed, and yes know inner peace, happiness, and contentment. I will bet if
there is something in your mind that you have wanted to do or try and have not yet for fear of failure I
will wager you are carrying around some inner regret, the need for approval, or some other excuse. I
have failed in life at more stuff than most people. How do I know this? Cause I have said that to
dozens of audiences over the years and someone always said to me, “I challenge that.” So we would
have a conversation comparing life histories and everyone sooner or later said, “You win.” Have the
courage to celebrate your mistakes cause it means you have tried something new, different, or
challenging. Regardless of the outcome, I will guarantee you are a smarter, wiser, better person
because you tried. How do I know? As a mentor to hundreds of aspiring authors and speakers over the
years. Some quit, some are successful and some are still trying. Which group do you think in the end
are learning and benefiting the most?

“What you get by reaching your destination is not as important as who you become by
reaching your destination.” Dr. Robert Anthony. Goals are not about achievement but direction. I
will wager that some of you during your life have not accomplished some of the goals you have set and
achieved some positive outcomes or successes that were never set goals. So, if this is true, what’s the
point in having them? They are only a roadmap into the future and just because when you say at age
25 this is what I want to achieve by age 45 doesn’t mean you can’t change the goal for any number of
reasons before you get there? Successful vacations are about spontaneity and adventure, not rituals.
Think for a moment about what vacation or life adventure that has given you the most positive
memories? I’ll bet it’s one where the road ahead was not etched in stone. What matters, in the end, is
who you become as you work toward your goals, how the journey has molded you, and how they
contribute to your positive legacy and history and the lives you touch.

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of
children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. When we all leave
this present life we will leave behind a variety of circumstances. People who will miss us, people who
will forget about us and the lives we lived, people whose lives will be better off in some way because of
us, and even some people who might be glad we are gone. As the years swiftly pass, have you ever
considered who might be in the former categories and why? I will wager that if each of us could go
back into our personal history we would change something that we did or didn’t do that we would or
could have touched a life that crossed our path more positively. I’m not talking here about regret but
the desire to have made a positive influence in the life or lives of others, whether children, spouses,
employees, close family, or even a few neighbors now and then. If you are reading this – it’s not too
late. Regardless of your age, position, status, health – whatever – we can always make a difference in
someone’s life – don’t wait, I will guarantee there is someone out there that needs your influence . . .