Moving the Pile – A Manufactured Housing Success Secret

From football, we learn the phrase, ‘moving the pile.’   In the first video, we get an example of a running back who through his extra effort, moves the pile for a few extra yards.

In the second video, see an example of how the wedge is executed on the kickoff.

Now think of the running back in the first video as a great manufactured housing professional.  His hard running effort gets extra yards.  But no score, at least, not on this play.

Then contrast that with the second video.  The wedge are your ‘industry allies,’ your manufactured housing associations and trade media platforms like this one.  The combination of hitting the opposition in an organized fashion results in the breakthrough and the score!

If you are not in an association, or are not active in one, consider the benefits of how ‘the wedge’ of other association members, working with you on industry issues, can advance you and your business for more scores. # #