The Daily Drill

"If I do not practice one day..I know it. If I do not practice the next…the orchestra knows it. If I do not practice the third day…the whole world knows it."
– Ignacy Paderewski

(Editor's Note: Ignacy Paderewski, notable Polish pianist and composer. I know some high performing manufactured housing companies that 'practice' what they call 'the daily drill.' Yes, they practice sales or other roles. Is it any surprise when they out-perform the competitors in their market? Appliance and electronics chain HHGregg is touting that their associates know more than other companies sales associates do. “We Help.” is their new tag line. Investing the time, effort and resources into training and motivation is proven to grow results, improve employee morale and performance, plus pays off on your bottom line. Make training a priority in your company, and practice the way, doctors, attorneys and other professionals do.)

"Never stop until your good becomes better..and your better becomes the best."
– Frank Zappa
"Yesterday's successes lead to today's complacencies…which lead to tomorrow's failures."
– Army Saying
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Robin Crow
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