A Politically Incorrect Fourth of July 2015

independenceday-freedom-dwight-eisenhower-credit-happy-daily-images-inspiration-blog-mhpronews-In the wake of tragic deaths in a South Carolina black church at the hands of a man who said he wanted to start a race war, there has been wide ranging comments from across the political spectrum. For the next few moments, we’ll focus only on one by Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan has said that it’s not just the Confederate battle flag that is a symbol of racial oppression, but that the U.S. flag is also such a symbol. Considering the fact that Islam has centuries of history of slavery, forced conversions, 2nd class treatment of women under Sharia law, etc., who is the black Muslim leader presume to be to lecture America’s founding fathers and our republic’s banner?

Recent crime statistics show that some 90% of crimes in the U.S. are black on black, or that 83% of crimes against whites are white on white. The uniting of South Carolina’s Indian-American Governor – Nikki Haley, their black Senator – Tim Scott and white senator Lindsey Graham, along with thousands of citizens from all walks of life on a Unity Bridge was compelling. All were praying and working for peace in the wake of the racist crime. Such examples proves that the South – and the nation at large – have moved ahead.

Including and beyond the issue above, as the Masthead blog post linked here quickly reviews, there is an attempt by some to re-write American history. The facts reviewed strong suggest that we have much to be proud of in America on this 4th of July.

There is also much work to do if we are to protect and build upon the heritage of the Founding Fathers. Together with others of good will, let’s get to work. Let’s not let race baiters, socialists, radical jihadists, atheists or others cloud our clear beliefs. Let’s get clarity on the proud history of American Exceptionalism. Let the silent majority come together to just say “no” to the politically correct view of our past, and to advance anew with the principles that made our nation great.

Because it turns out that those PC naysayers appear to be politically motivated and are also factually incorrect. ##

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.