Making Impossible Dreams Coming True

It is grand to get good lessons from within your own profession, but often there are equally good or better success tips from others who do quite different work.

Don’t think its crazy to set a higher goal for yourself, for your location and company.

It may seem impossible to some to change the image of manufactured housing, but guess what? Some people once thought that cars would never catch on. Some thought radio, TV, cell phones, the internet and later social media or smart phones and tablets wouldn’t succeed.

What are you prepared to do? Training to do what others won’t do, so that you can get results that others will only think is “an impossible dream.”

Who is going to rock the housing world?

This version shows the lyrics.

Excellence is found in all walks of life and fields of endevor. Here is excellence in table tennis, and oh, by the way, don’t call it ‘ping pong’ when you are talking to a table tennis pro. You’ll see why when you watch this video!

Here are some tips in table tennis. Stop and think…of the precision they are focusing on. You get similar precision in almost every sport. You get similar precision in medicine. You want similar precision on the factory-builder’s floor, which is why they use jigs. So why don’t we expect precission in marketing and sales?

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1Food for thought, videos for inspiration!

Post submitted by, L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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