Finger Pointing 2011

There is an old canard that goes like this: 

When you point your finger at someone else, 
you have three fingers pointing back at you.

In our Industry the blame game is often lurking under the surface.  So-and-so or such-and-such has failed us.  Why hasn’t so-and-so made this or that happen?  Why doesn’t somebody do something?

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that.
Then I realized I was somebody.”

– Lily Tomlin

This year, let this be our challenge!  When we are tempted to point fingers, or blame or tear down someone’s efforts, stop. First, ask yourself – and that person – why are you doing or saying that?  It is common sense and civility to say you should not blame or criticize, certainly not until you are sure you understand them and their action.  Give the other person the same benefit of the doubt you want them to give you.  

“Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.”
– Stephen Covey

2011 should be a year for dialogue on ways to advance the Industry’s cause.  We don’t have to share the same politics, have the same beliefs or even be in the same segment of the Industry to work with each other.

Share your ideas and perspective.  You can do that here through:

Your being published here at in one or more of the above ways gives you access to potentially tens of thousands of your industry peers.  Let YOUR ideas be heard.

Friends and colleagues can and should be able to disagree using reason and good manners.  If I am going bald (not yet anyways) or have gained weight (guilty, as charged), that is what it is.  Saying something that is true is not an offense, when done with tact and respect.

Let’s engage on issues!  Agree or disagree and say WHY.  Don’t be shy.  The ideal behind the First Amendment was for ideas to be freely discussed in the marketplace of public conversation. Let the best ideas show themselves.  Let them be tested.  Then, let us advance those ideas that make the most sense.

If after careful thought, you decry what someone else in the Industry is saying or doing to advance our businesses, then give your alternative plans!  Anyone can tear down; it takes very little skill to demolish something. By contrast, it takes wisdom and skill to build something good.

Many no longer have the luxury of merely griping or crying into their beer. The time for thoughtful action is upon us.  Let’s close by repeating this quote:

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that.
Then I realized I was somebody.”

– Lily Tomlin

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4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing 2011”

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  2. Anonymous

    Sorry my comment wasn”t ment to be funny it was more of a attention getter.Guess it worked. My point being it’s time for the gloves to come off and fight for our lives! This is not a subculture but a industry that has been melined for decades. We as independent business men have paid our dues. It’s time for corporate buy ins to set forth a national advertizing blitz. We are the last true American Industry.

  3. Tony

    Gene,nYour comment is funny if it weren’t so sad at the same time. The blame game doesn’t work. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Sure, we should call things as we see it, hopefully like a gentlemen or lady speaks and writes. But the key is to look reality in the eye, and let’s dig in and start doing and stop wagging.

  4. Anonymous

    Your right the finger pointing just isn’t working. Growing numbers of us think we need more finger giving as were driven to the mobile home underground!

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