Castles in the Sky!

Castle in the Pyrenees
The photo is of Rene Magritte’s ‘Castle in the Pyrenees.’

My wife and I play an imaginative, goal setting ‘game’ we call “Castles in the Sky.” We dream some grand dream. Then we discuss how we could go about achieving that dream. We have done this for years, and over time, with planning, persistence and more… it is amazing how refreshing and positive an approach this is. Also important, this is no only fun, but it works. Try it some time!

My associate Bob Stovall here at and I do something similar too. We raise a grand goal in a discussion and then ask ourselves: how do we go about achieving that goal? Then we work towards it. This too has worked remarkably well.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps decades ago I read this quote and just forgot where I had heard or seen it. What I know is that dreaming big dreams, and then discerning the path and steps to achieving that goal has served me well for decades. I ran across the Thoreau quotation above recently, purchased it and hung it on my wall. We all need reminders for positive thinking and positive approaches.

Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones used to say, “See It Big, and Keep it Simple Smiley.” Dream big dreams and place the foundations under them.

– submitted by Tony Kovach, editor,, writer of the Masthead Blog and

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  1. gmcclanahan

    These are a great series of messages! Thank you for taking time to string them together. I heard once that the most important word in our language is 'remember.' When we remember the importance of team work and what we can accomplish together, we will be cooperative and respectful and work to a greater end. When we remember the value of our time we will use it more wisely. If we remember what sacrifices our armed forces have made for us, we will give our best because someone lost their life for our freedom to do so. When we remember the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us we are not resistant to following His example every day.

    Thank you for reminding me of where higher ground is – I'll do better today because of your words. Tomorrow, I'll come back and drink from the well and be inpired again.

    Thank you again!


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