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Together, Everyone Achieves More! True TEAM work, works.##

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

Mastery via Training

In football, piano playing, medicine, law or even NASCAR driving, training is a critical component to advancement and success. Having been in professional sales and business management training for over 30 years, I have seen first hand how vital training activities are for any individual or organization who want to better results or improve their outcomes, profits and performance.

Too many people want better results but they hope to achieve these without the proper guidance and help from experienced individuals outside of their sphere of reference. Yet new or even seasoned doctors learn from other MDs, attorneys from other lawyers, experienced NASCAR drivers or pro athletes learn from others who gained experience and went before them. Coaches, trainers and teachers exist to help others achieve excellence.


The purpose of training is simple. To learn new skills, approaches and attitudes that may be alien to us given our personal life stories. The common phrase is “OPE” or Other People’s Experience. This is needed to give us different and new perspectives on any aspect of our life be it; our career, our relationships or even our spiritual leanings and tendencies.

There are many types of training available today including having a personal coach or mentor, seminars, websites with articles by experts – such as – or even books and CD’s.

The key for success is to implement the right type of training and then it must be coached, reinforced, inspected and then re-visited as times and circumstances are continually changing and the skills needed for success must be reviewed for their relevance to current times and circumstances.

Practice makes perfect

I was watching an interview recently with an Olympic bound archer. He was asked how much time he spends practicing every day and he responded, 12 hours. I began to think can everyone practice for this length of time the skills needed for excellence in any area of life? Can people in sales, management do that much practice daily? It is unlikely that you or I can spend even 1/3 of that outside of work time practicing to improve our skills or attitudes.


But this archer's example demonstrates a simple point: that practice is a requirement for improvement in any life area.

Practice changes the way we think, believe and feel about what we are learning and doing. Practice can improve our communication skills. Practice changes our outcomes and results for the better. But there is a rule when it comes to practice – you must practice the right things in the right ways – or your practice will not lead to the success or results you desire. ##

“Tim's Takes” Commentary by Tim Connor.

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Climb Any Mountain


Do you think Virgil, who died around 19 BC, influenced leaders such as Henry Ford, who more recently said,  Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.  As a leader, Ford was a reader.

Leaders Are Readers

leaders are readers truman

Harry Truman said it, all leaders are readers.

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