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When nothing is sure, everything is possible

“You don’t get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you are going to live.” Joan Baez. Every life is filled with choices every day, every week, and every year. Some are simple – when to get the oil changed in your car – others, when to retire, where to invest, and which physicians you keep in your active status group. Over the years as I have carefully observed both my behavior and the behavior of others; friends, family, and clients, and one fact seems to be common for most people – most don’t take the time to consider the long-term impact either – positive or negative – of many of the important decisions or choices, they make while making them. Those of you who know me well, please “no finger-pointing” I am well aware of my mistakes as I included myself in the above statement, but I digress. Regardless of your age, gender, profession, financial status, etc. I will almost guarantee that everyone you know has a few regrets over decisions made or not made in their past. Living is not always easy as it has many requirements, expectations, changes, uncertainties, opportunities – should I go on? But, in the end, we all have the responsibility and right to make our choices as the years pass. But we also get to experience the outcomes – good, bad, ugly, or great because of them. Yes, the guidance of others can be helpful but they are not in charge of us.

“A man’s doubts and fears are his worst enemies.” William Wrigley Jr. I am sure you know someone who have been diagnosed with a serious illness of some kind in the past few years. Ulcers are not caused by what you eat but what is consistently “eating” at you; fear, worry, doubt, uncertainty, bad news, challenges, regret, blame, mistakes – want more? My point is – no, you are not smarter than your physician that you trust and need their guidance, information, expertise, etc. but you are also an actor in how the drama in your life plays out and ends. Hope is not a strategy but having it is better than not having it. Faith is not a strategy but again, having it is better than not having it. Is your life being controlled by any negatives? I’ve said enough.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” Margaret Drabble. If every inventor during the past 2000 years doubted themselves, and their knowledge, courage or inspiration, etc. – we would all still be still moving around on horse and buggy’s, using candles at night to see, and using the position of the sun to determine the time of day. Ever had a new idea? I will guarantee you have, and I’m not referring to inventing the internet. Creativity is a natural part of everyone’s mental make-up, and yes to different degrees in each of us. The real question is do you let the negative influence either from within or from outside you to deter your desire or willingness to attempt something new, and I don’t care if it’s a new recipe for Coffee Cake. The one common trait in every famous person in the past that invented or created something that changed the world is – they were not afraid of failure. Let me ask you – what ideas have been lurking around in your head for a few months or a few years that you haven’t taken any action on to begin, to consider, to try – whatever? Is it fear? Available resources? Necessary time? A lack of courage? The need for approval? What are you waiting for? FYI -I received over 200 rejection letters from publishers and agents for my first book, written in 1980, Soft Sell. Today it is still the only sales book ever written with sales of over 1,000,000 copies and in 27 languages. Go figure. . .

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