“The only way to get what you want is to know what you want“

“The only way to get what you want is to know what you want. And the only way to know what you want is to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself is to be yourself. And the only way to be yourself is to listen to your heart and intuition.” Mike Dooley. I know this is a long one, but he is “right on the mark” in my experience. Consider; some of your regrets for example. I’ll wager some or many of them were triggered or were caused by failing to listen to your inner messages or guidance. How about past failures or mistakes? I can tell you from personal experience every one of my life’s errors was either caused or contributed to by my failure to honor my inner guidance system, soul, intuition or whatever you want to call it. This was my motive for my latest book, “Success and Happiness are an Inside Job.” So, since this is a long quote I’ll leave you with a short question – what current or recent negative emotions, experiences, outcomes, or consequences can be better understood when you look to your inside world rather than the outside world?

“Desperation can be as powerful inspirer as genius.” Benjamin Disraeli. Looking back over your life what have been some of those inspiring moments that changed the direction of your future? Or, were they not inspiring moments but moments of desperation, despair, loss, or gloom? We all have those special moments that can change our life for the better or the worse depending on our expectations, how in touch we are with reality, and our ability to interpret anything or everything with clarity, wisdom, and neutrality. When we bring prejudice to any situation, we are doomed to learn what life wants us to learn from an event or circumstance. So, let me ask you, which moments tend to have the greatest positive impact on your life and future – those negative events or circumstances or the positive ones? We can’t always control what comes into our life, but life does give us the freedom of choice and action if we have the courage, wisdom, and willingness to see through the smoke and see what is happening for what it is – an opportunity to grow, learn, change, improve and adapt.