Self-limitations are self-imposed.

It has been said by many people, “that the only limitations we encounter in life are those self-limiting ones that we place on ourselves.” If this is true, and at this point I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with this premise, why then do so few people reach their full potential? Why do so many people feel stuck, out of control and without hope in their lives? Why do so many people give up, quit, settle, resign themselves or operate out of blame, anger, guilt, resentment and self pity when it comes to the quality of their life? If this question were answered in a book by the same title, it would never sell. Why? Because the very people we are talking about here do not want to take the responsibility for their lives. These people insist on pointing their finger toward something or someone else for the cause of their station or circumstances in life. Things like;their boss, their company, the economy, social status, race or gender prejudices- this list goes on and on, rather than themselves and their own decisions, actions, beliefs, values, prejudices and so on.

The truth is, and I didn’t just invent it or discover it, each of us came into this world headed for greatness in some way. We were engineered for success at birth by God and often conditioned for failure along the way by our caregivers, parents, teachers, society or anyone who crossed our path that we gave power to. We have forgotten our heritage. We have in our skull: the most magnificent organ ever created in the history of the world, the human mind, a mind that can create whatever it chooses. There is nothing we cannot do. The skeptics out there are thinking, “Sure, Tim, I can fly.”

I do not have the time nor the interest to giveskeptics or critics the time of day. I have had my fill of them during my life. If that is their attitude, there is nothing I could ever say that would change their minds. They don't want to change them becausethey are happy being negative. This is not about you or me being able to fly -but realizing we can do whatever we put our minds to, as long as we put action into our dreams. Certainly there are some physical limitations in areas or with some people. My major point here is that most of us could do more if we would only learn that most of our ceilings are self-imposed.

What inner mental images are you holding in your consciousness that may be holding you back? Is it the fear of failure or success? Is it the fear of rejection or public scorn? Is it an inner feeling of unworthiness? Or is it some other emotional issue or scar that you have failed to recognize or deal with?
-What would you try if you knew you couldn't fail?
-What would you attempt if you knew you would succeed?
-What would you feel if you knew it was O.K to feel that way?
-What would you believe if you knew it were true?
-What would you ask for if you knew the answer would be, yes?

What are you waiting for? You are in control of and in charge of your destiny and life. The next 10, 20 or 30 years are in your hands, but only if you have the will, courage, desire, skill and knowledge to create whatever you want. You can have anything you want in life, you just can't have everything – sorry folks!

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.”

Maxwell Maltz

In His Service, Tim

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