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Living Wisely

Wisdom – the blending of – information, knowledge, experience, truth, reality,
maturity – to achieve dreams, goals, life purpose,
inner peace and happiness.
A Weekly Wisdom Tip for a better life. Each week I share a simple truth that can help you live with faith, courage, integrity, peace, purpose and success.
This week’s topic –  Resolve?
Is it persistence, commitment, dogged determination or just plain old self-motivation?  Don’t have an answer to that, folks.  I do know, however, that it costs more to fail than to keep on keeping on.  There is a point in every relationship, career, project or goal where our resolve to go on is tested.

Winners realize that they have to break through this barrier before they can enjoy the real fruits of their labor.  Quitters, on the other hand, give up at the first sign of resistance or adversity.

Live wisely this week, Tim
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