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All Work Is As The Seed Was Sown; It Grows And Spreads And Sows Itself Anew.

“All work is as the seed was sown; it grows and spreads and sows itself anew.” Carlyle. Again, your definition of work matters here. If you are talking about a business, career, or job, yes sowing matters, and how well, how often, or how soon you sow can contribute to the quality of the outcome. Or, whatever the outcome it doesn’t always have to be “anew”. Consider sowing the right qualities into a relationship or even a personal task that has nothing to do with gardening or measuring the results. Our actions might not create new but rekindle something of value of old or from the past. Yes, we can dig into the weeds here and you can suggest that even this situation I mentioned could be described as “anew” so let’s avoid nitpicking and see the broader picture. Let me give you one quick example. But first no matter the illustration it is all going to come back to how we define “anew”. I study and learn a new writing skill or tactic and start to apply it in my writing. Yes, this is a seed sown but is it “anew”? My writing might not be better, just different. OK, OK, this means it’s “anew”. You win, let’s move on.

“He who does not hope to win has already lost.” Jose Joaquin Olmedo. Many people define winning in different ways. And, many people feel that if they don’t win, whatever the task or action, they are involved in, makes them inadequate, less than valuable, or some other negative. Having been involved in sports in High School and even in the Air Force for a few years I understand the concept of winning but using this approach in every life area can contribute to stress, poor selfesteem, and in the end unhappiness and even despair. So, I might take a bit of an issue with his quote but then again with only 10 words, do I have the right to judge? Not really so here is my take on this idea. Wining can take many forms; beating an illness or a disease, reestablishing previous people in your life or positive circumstances, being there for others when they needed help – so I’m sure you can see that winning is not always about keeping score or beating someone else. Yes, in sports and certain life activities there is nothing wrong with trying to win or winning. My point is simply – to use this concept when appropriate and not in every life situation.

“The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power.” Bacon. Let me give you two illustrations. You are having a quiet dinner with two different friends at different times. One is a sort of power-hungry or power grabber and everything is about control, influence, posture, manipulation and just being master of the moment. The other friend is a jovial, fun-loving, playful, relaxed, and easygoing person. Now tell me, which evening do you think after all is said and done will go down in history as the most memorable, enjoyable, relaxing, and fun? I don’t know about you but almost all of my life mentors, heroes, and people I have respected over the years sooner or later could take themselves lightly, laugh, and contribute to a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere. I could give you dozens of quotes from a few like; Bob Hope, Mark Twain, Will Rogers, or Betty White but here is just one quickie. “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Mark Twain

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