Pilgrims, George Washington and the True Story of Thanksgiving

This video below is more of an audio with a single still image.  Once you pass any YouTube ads, you can listen to this while you are relaxing or doing something else.

It’s very much worth hearing and sharing.

Rush Limbaugh delivers the message and does it well. In it, he correctly references George Washington’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation (linked in full below).

Part of what we ought to be thankful for is living in a free society that protects our freedoms, including the freedom of religion.  Rush does a pretty good job of explaining that the early Plymouth experiment by the Pilgrims was a failure of a system much like modern socialism.

The Pilgrims learned from their costly mistakes, as many died that first winter. Yes, Native Americans were an important part of that story.  But the lessons include the overlooked one – that free markets and free people work better than socialism does.


Look at modern, oil-rich Venezuela.  They have a great climate and many natural resources.  But socialism has wrecked that nation in roughly a decade.  They are now moving towards a highly centralized power, and their nation’s authority threatens political or economic opponents.

Be thankful for America’s historic lessons.  This nation wasn’t formed perfectly. But our ancestors learned from their mistakes and kept improving our society. Isn’t that the best that any of us can do?

Let’s not go backwards, and repeat the socialistic and other mistakes of the past.  Let’s not forget the lessons of faith and freedom. Let’s learn, relearn and share the lessons of free enterprise vs. socialism.

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For that opportunity, we all ought to be thankful to the Creator. ##

(Download full Thanksgiving Proclamation PDF, at this link here.)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of MHProNews, MHLivingNews, as well as a consultant and service provider to the manufactured housing industry.


Submitted by L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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