666 Flight to HEL ends on Friday, 13th

It has nothing apparent to do with factory built housing, but it was humorous.

The UK Telegraph reported on the subtle ironies and superstations that collided in the story below. As most readers know, airports often have a 3-letter abbreviation, so HEL is short for Helsinki.  666 is called the “mark of the beast,” in the Book of Revelations.


Fearless flyers will laugh in the face of superstition today when they board the last ever Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th. Travelling on the “unluckiest day of the year” could save you some pounds, but a journey straight to HEL on the 13th hour of the superstitious date is one flight most would probably like to avoid.

Nordic airline Finnair has flown brave passengers from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki, Finland, on Friday the 13th since 2006.

However, today will be the last time Flight 666 flies to Hel, as the airline has decided to retire the flight number.” ## (Humor, human interest, lighter side.)

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