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Sons Of Somerled

There are all kinds of music. Some calms the mind, others embrace romance, still others inspire. The CD by Steve McDonald brings it all on, it is one of my favorites. This is the CDs title song's lyrics.

To me, this is "warrior music." Listen once, then close your eyes and listen again; can you imagine images inspired by the movie, Braveheart? When life seems like a battle, warrior music might be just the ticket. Enjoy!



Sons Of Somerled Lyrics – by Steve McDonald

Through an age of fighting men
When sword was mightier than pen
There lived a clansman bold and true
The very one our name came through
Born of blood line dating from
The hundred battles warrior Conn
Gaelic Viking in his veins
Testify his battle fame
For three hundred and fifty years
The western highlands lived in fear
Fighting to regain the Isles
Down to Islay and Argyle
From the Dalriadan line

Through the centuries there we find
A Scotsman born with Viking name Born to rule through love and pain
Hail to ye sons of Somerled
Hail to ye sons of Somerled

Ruling from the Isle of Man
lslay was the place they'd make their stand
After almost twenty years
He rid the Isles of Norsemen
…then and there< /p>

Hail to ye sons of Somerled
Hail to ye sons of Somerled

Through the timeless history,
Fighting for their destiny
Images fly through my head,
Images of Somerled… (chorus)

The warrior kings lived by the sword
From hill to loch and dark fjord
Battling 'til his life he shed
Leaving the throne
To the sons of Somerled.

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L. A.'Tony' Kovach

Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party and Manufactured Housing Professionals

Let me clearly state that I do not believe that there are a lot of similarities between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party movement. But there are some things similar, and part of that something is that both are born of frustration with the status quo. Each movement seeks in its own way to mobilize those who are tired of just complaining. We may agree or disagree with them, but they are acting to change things!
There are not many manufactured home owners or professionals I talk to who like the status quo either. But only a tiny fraction are politically engaged in getting the changes needed in Washington DC to get Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act reformed and manageable. Don't be one who sits and complains, get in the game, as others have successfully. If you are already engaged, get others in your team and among your peers to get engaged too. HR 3849 is a political no-brainer for both political parties in an election year. But it will only happen when enough of us talk to our Congressmen and Senators offices. Set an example and then get others to do the same. Let's make the passage of HR 3849 a reality. Your one stop resources for HR 3949 are linked right here. ##


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