Progress, Status Quo and Failure

We all say that we want to progress or advance in sales and profits. Certainly some companies are selling more new homes in manufactured housing. That means more loans are being closed, more insurance policies are being written, so the whole range of products and services that go into every new manufactured home sales takes …

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest must already be worth billions. I recently signed up, and want to encourage you to sign up and/or pass the following on to all on your email lists. We can add to this, of course, this is a start. The idea is simple. It …

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The Power of Moms

Mom shopping with A child photocredit wikimedia commons

I read an interesting article the other day about the power of moms. It's not 'new' news to anyone how powerful moms are. They are and have been the rock of the family. They keep the kids (and husbands) healthy, on time, on task, well fed, well dressed, and so much more. But the article …

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The View

I was speaking to an ad buyer at an advertising agency the other day. I thought I was doing a heck of a job selling him, when I proudly told him that our Click-Through rates were much higher than what Google recently reported as their averages. His response… “Jeff, I really don’t care about click-through …

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